Lycoming College for Kids & Teens

Dates: July 17-21, 2017


Lunch at the Cafeteria

Lycoming College for Kids & Teens is offering lunch at the Cafeteria. This option isn’t always available, but this year let’s take advantage and not worry about packing lunches!

The cost is $8 per day, $40 per week.

Of course, you can still pack lunches for your children and not opt for the prepared lunch. The choice is yours! In fact, choose on a day-by-day situation.

We’re offering this option for busy parents who don’t have time or energy to pack a lunch, or who think the variety of lunch at Lycoming is suitable for their child. It’s also a great experience for them, to dine like College Students, since CFK is about introducing them to the idea of being a college student.

We also invite you to join us, if you wish. There’s plenty of seating and plenty of food and beverages to go around. If you’d like to have lunch with your child at Lycoming College, join us at noon in the cafeteria You can pay as you go for $8, purchase lunch for the week for $40, or pack your own lunch.

Please help us keep track of students’ lunch choices by filling in this short, easy form, regardless of your lunch choice. This will enable us to process the students quicker through the lunch line.


All Menu Items Are Subject To Change. Vegan Menu Items are in Orange and Vegetarian Menu Items are In Green

Lycoming College for Kids and Teens 2017 Menu




Lycoming College
for Kids & Teens 

Director: Robin Van Auken
Asst. Director: Debbie Smith
Coordinator: Darlene Connelly

Lycoming College
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Robin Van Auken570.321.4239
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FAX: 570.321.4073


ROBIN VAN AUKEN: 570-916-0026

DEBBIE SMITH: 570-447-6446

CFK  DATES: July 17-21, 2017



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