Early Enrollment

Hello Parents!

Last year’s Lycoming College for Kids & Teens week was a blast, and we always enjoy teaching your children. It’s the highlight of our summer. And, it’s not too soon to be thinking about 2018.

We invite you to give your child the gift of learning with College for Kids early enrollment.  If your child is in grades 1 through 12, we have a class that’s guaranteed to entertain and educate. Applications are open on the College for Kids website, and classes are waiting for you to choose. Take a minute to review the lineup for 2018.

When you do, we will send you a personalized certificate for your child, just like this one below.

If you choose to give to give your child this present for the holidays, I will send you via email a customized certificate for you to print and share with your child.

Please make sure you provide a correct email address and correct spelling of your child’s name. I can send you certificates now through Dec. 23, 2017, in time for Christmas, so get enrolled for 2018 and get this wonderful present.

Again, thank you for allowing your children participate in the longest-running, most successful, academic summer youth program in Williamsport.

Lycoming College is honored to to be a part of your child’s lives. They’ll remember their week with us forever, and we hope they’ll return next year. And the year after that. And even the following year. This is how we cultivate Junior Assistants, then Teaching Assistants and eventually, new Teachers.

If you need to speak with us, drop us a line or give us a call. If we’re not available right away, we promise to reply as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Robin Van Auken
Director, Lycoming College for Kids & Teens