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Lycoming College for Kids & Teens

Dates: July 22-26, 2019

Class Descriptions, Costs, and Application Links

Cost for full-day, week-long workshop is $250.00 for the first child in family. Discounts are offered for each additional family member – $200.00 for each additional child. Cost for half-day is $150.00 each child.

Classes with an * (asterisk) require an additional fee depending upon the class and supplies.

Lunch is available for $8 per day.

Classes are on a First-Come, First-Served basis and registrations are secured with your payment only. Signing up for a class without making a payment does not guarantee your child will receive their first choice.

Checks and credit cards are accepted for all fees. Parents may enroll their children online on the Class Application form or by downloading and mailing the 2019 CFK Application – Lycoming College for Kids & Teens – Application Form

Mail printed application to:
Lycoming College for Kids
700 College Place, Box 352
Williamsport, PA  17701

Fax:  (570) 321-4073
CFK phone : (570) 321-4180
CFK email:

Lycoming College for Kids and Teens  Classes


Wonder Bugs – We’re calling all young scientists to grab a net, jar and a magnifying glass and discover the secret lives of insects, especially the superstar of all bugs – the amazing Butterfly! Have you ever watched something transform before your very eyes?  Learn about butterflies and other insects as you explore the amazing power of metamorphosis! Start your very own bug collection, learn and go on a walking field trip to discover the insect world around us during this very buggy adventure! (Science/Grades: 2-3, Period 1 and Period 2)


Super Science – Here’s an introduction to the amazing world of science with a different type of science each day. Learn all about rocks, geology and volcanoes in Vulcanology; look into the past and examine fascinating fossils in Paleontology; study the mysteries of the deep oceans in Oceanography, and then examine the living world around us in Biology. (Science/Grades: 2-3, Period 2.)


Young Artists – Do you enjoy expressing yourself through visual art? If so, you’ll want to be a part of this class where you will have time to focus on creating multicultural art using various media such as watercolor, paper mache and other art supplies. These crafts projects use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint and glue. You’ll create items that you would like to display at the end of your summer session. (Art/Grades: 2-3, Period 1 and Period 2.)



Detective Academy – Whodunit and how did they do it? Crime scene investigations are fascinating places and the scientists who uncover the evidence are becoming the Superheroes of the 21st century. Investigate the power of science and logical reasoning as you evaluate evidence to solve mysteries and crimes. Using the same equipment as forensic scientists, you will conduct a DNA experiment, apply the principles of chromatography, dust for fingerprints, and learn to crack secret codes. (Science/Grades: 3-4, Period 1 and 2.) 


The Art of Mexico –  This culturally enriching and hands-on art class takes you on an imaginary journey to Mexico learning about the people and the art they create, especially during the national celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)! This major holiday is a time for people to pray for and remember friends, family, and even pets who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. Activities include making sugar skulls, ofrendas, Alebrijes, and self-portrait collages in the style of Frida Kahlo. Learn more about the history of this exciting cultural event in the Disney movie Coco, about 12-year-old Miguel who is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead, where he seeks the help of his deceased musician great-great-grandfather to return him to his family among the living. (Art & Culture/Grades: 4-6, Period 1 and Period 2.)


Grossology – That is so Gross! Experiment with ingredients and foods found at the grocery store to discover the chemical nature of substances, their properties, reactions and uses in daily life. Excite your curiosity with observation and hands-on experiments. This course is an excellent way to introduce you to the fundamentals of chemistry and laboratory procedures. From volcanoes to crystal gardens to edible experiments, Grossology promises to be an “egg-citing” time. (Science/Grades: 3-4, Period 2.)


Junior Rangers – Become a Junior Ranger and explore create and eat your way to tons of fun in this class. Come with us on a natural journey through the forests. Gather leaves and flowers to print on your very own T-shirt. Build a volcano and watch it explode. Make and eat a soil layer pudding cup. Examine skulls, furs, claws and teeth of PA wild animals. If you enjoy games. activities, crafts, and snacks, this class is a must! Make sure you bring your messy shirt and shoes and your imagination! (Science/Grades: 3-4, Period 1 and Period 2.)


Structure It – Did you know that shovels, wheelbarrows, hockey sticks and wooden bats are all simple machines called levers? Simple machines make work easier by enabling us to decrease our effort to move objects. The six types of simple machines are often combined into complex machines. Come learn about the types of simple machines and create some original machine designs of your own using Legos and K’nex. Add the concept of motorization in this extremely hands-on and independent class. A 9-volt motor enables students to bring their projects to life. Through the building of realistic motorized models, students develop a strong understanding of mechanical principles. This class is limited to 10 students. (Science/Grades 3-4, Period 1 and Period 2.)



Geocaching – Go on a real-world outdoor treasure hunt in this class. Students try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices. They’ll explore the world as they search for the cache, then when they find it, they’ll sign the logbook and see what others have left behind. (Science & Geography/Grades: 4-5, Period 1.)


Outdoor Enthusiasts – Amaze yourself with the wilderness around you. Release your outdoor fanatic, as you learn about the natural environment and the important skills of survival. Students will learn basic animal track identification, primitive shelter building, fire safety, water purification, cord making, and information on indigenous plant life. You will also participate in survival scenarios to foster teamwork and leadership skills. Gain confidence and comfort in being outdoors, while having a great time and staying active. (Science & Geography/Grades: 4-5, Period 1 and Period 2.)


Picture This! – Gather up your pictures and be prepared to create! Join the fun as we mix our pictures with some science and creativity. There’s no end to what we might get into. Projects will range from mini scrapbooks to turning our pictures into puzzles or bookmarks. Be prepared to experiment with pictures as we transfer them to a candle, make a snow globe or immerse your picture in soap! How about making your favorite pictures into magnets to decorate your refrigerator or locker? Maybe try your hand at decoupage and create some coasters or luminaries. You supply your favorite pictures and be prepared to create and have fun! (Science & Art/Grades: 4-5, Period 1 and Period 2.)


Wizards Workshop – In this class, you’ll receive instruction in a skill, just like your favorite literary character, Harry Potter, does at Hogwarts. The first step is to divide into houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. Students also will make their own wand. You’ll learn that “magic” really has its roots in the natural sciences such as chemistry, optics and physics. (Science & Art/Grades: 4-5, Period 2.)



PADI Discover Snorkeling Certification – Learn the right way to be safe and comfortable in the water and have fun by taking the ‘Discover Snorkeling’ Certification Course, taught by Master Scuba Instructor Frank Morrow at A Water Odyssey Scuba.
Knowledge development: This session covers the use of skin diving equipment, pressure-volume relationships that affect skin divers, the dive environment, proper interaction with aquatic life, the buddy system, problem management and local safe skin diving practices.
Skills development: Students will learn to: 1. Assemble, adjust, prepare, put on and remove skin diving equipment without assistance. 2. Perform the buddy predive safety check. 3. Demonstrate appropriate entry and exit, using local techniques. 4. Adjust for proper weighting at the surface; use weight system as necessary. 5. Breathe through a snorkel while controlling airway. 6. Orally inflate a BCD at the surface, then fully deflate it. 7. Continuously stay within 3 metres/10 feet of a buddy while at the surface. 8. Snorkel swim at the surface in water too deep in which to stand. 9. Make a vertical, head first dive from the surface in water too deep in which to stand. 10. Swim at least 15 metres/50 feet underwater on a single breath. 11. Ascend by looking up and around while swimming, holding one hand over the head. 12. Clear a snorkel using the blast method and resume breathing through the snorkel without lifting the face from the water. 13. Ascend, clear and breathe from a snorkel upon ascent without lifting the face from the water; use displacement and/or blast clear methods. Equipment provided: Buoyancy control device, mask, snorkel.  (Science and Sports/Grades: 4-12 or 8 years and up, Period 1. PADI waivers required.*Requires an additional $50 fee for equipment rental.)



Comic Book & Character Art – Let your imagination erupt!  In Comic Book & Character Art, students learn to bring their greatest fantasies and ideas to visual life. Whether they are into drawing superheroes, fairies, princesses, or characters from favorite cartoons or video games, this class will teach the basics of how to draw what they see, or what they want to see.  The class will teach the basics of sketching, learning how to construct a character, creating a story and world for that character, and culminating in a final project where the students produce their own mini-comic!  (Art/Grades: 5-9, Period 2)


Fantastical World of Fairytales – Students will discover the fantastical world of Fairytales and Folktales. Where Dragons fly, Fairies are real, and the Animals talk. From the Celtic Oral tradition, students will discover the oldest stories known to people, and incorporate them into art forms, creating tales, bestiaries, art work, and seeing how we, even in the modern world, use folktale idioms in every day. (Creative Writing, Storytelling, Art/ Grades: 5-9, Period 2.)


Mobile Journalists – People read, listen to, and watch the news in order to be informed about things that are happening all around them. This class will give you the opportunity to play the role of a news journalist on the go. Use digital cameras and flip video recorders to capture news that you can share immediately. Learn how to write, edit and post content on Social Media and then use computers to design and create the online publication — the Lycoming College for Kids online newspaper! (Creative Writing and Computer Design/ Grades: 5-9, Period 1.)


Mythical Storytellers – Archaeology isn’t all about digging in the dirt and raiding tombs. It’s about curiosity, researching, and pursuing the fairy tales to discover what is a myth, what is truth, and what lies in the middle. This course puts you in the depths of research. Did Cleopatra really roll out of a carpet? Did the Trojan Horse really exist? Together we hunt down some of the tallest tales in history, then develop your own fantasy world, create characters, and outline a story that will thrill and excite. You will be part of a class focused on what makes a good story, how can you bring life to a character, and how to build a world where anything can happen using basic story building skills. It is a great way to stretch your imagination and see what can happen! Be careful, because here they be monsters! (Art/Grades: 5-9, Period 1.)


Young Engineers – Engineering Marvels: Buildings, Structures & Machines by K’nex are the basis for this hands-on class that allows you to build nine real world models that demonstrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, (STEM) and History concepts. Models include: Eiffel Tower, Seattle Space Needle, Flying Buttress System, Windmill, Crane, Big Ben, Arc de Triomphe, the CNN Tower and the first iron bridge. (Science/Grades 5-9, Period 1 and Period 2.)



Aeronautical Engineering I – In this course you will learn the basic principles of aerodynamics. You will see how these principles apply to the real world by constructing and flying your own kites, planes and rockets. This course is for students who work responsibly, independently and enjoy solving problems. Class limited to 15 students. *Students will be challenged with brain teasers, riddles and critical thinking problems as they work on their two advanced rockets and personalized kites. Put your knowledge to the test! (Science/Grades: 6-12, Period 1 and Period 2 –*Requires an additional $50 fee for supplies.)


Black & White Film Photography – Learn the art of film photography. Students will learn how to use a traditional 35mm camera and all of its settings. Instruction will be given on determining correct exposure, composition and lighting techniques, as well as, tips on photographing one’s subject in a more compelling way. Students will use the darkroom to print their own photographs and will learn how to mat and present their best images. Instructor will provide film. Special projects include pinhole cameras, cyanotypes and photograms. Please bring a 35mm camera with manual settings and any lenses you have, on the first day of class. Instructor will have a few cameras available for those who do not have access to one. (Art/Grades: 6-12, Period 1 – *Requires an additional $50 fee for supplies and you must have a SLR camera.)


Advanced Photography and Darkroom Techniques – For students who have taken Black & White Film Photography (Candid Camera) and would like to expand their knowledge even further, this class is for you. Learn more advanced shooting techniques and how to create a better exposed negative. We will explore flash photography and longer exposure times using a tripod. Students will develop their own film and learn more advanced darkroom techniques such as dodging and burning and the use of contrast filters in printing. Instructor will provide film. Please bring a 35mm camera with manual settings and any lenses and accessories you may have, on the first day of class. Instructor will have a few cameras available for those who do not have access to one.(Art/Grades: 6-12, Period 2 –*Requires an additional $50 fee for supplies and you must have a SLR camera.)


Introduction to Computer Programming – Using Java and the Processing Integrated Development Environment (IDE), we will cover principals of object-oriented programming. During the class, we will construct a ball object in Processing and add various variables and functions to the ball to model real world behaviors like gravity, air resistance, and bouncing. The course will include the programming, testing, and exporting of a replica of the classic computer games Pong and Breakout. After we work on our basic game, students will be able to customize their version by creating different levels, power-ups, or variations on their games. Students also will work on their algebra skills as we rework various physics equations into forms we can use in our code. It would be extremely helpful if the students had an understanding of a coordinate plane before they came to the class. Also, the students will need a flash drive. (Computer Programing/ Grades: 9-12, Period 1.)



PADI Discover Scuba® Diving Program – Experience breathing underwater, and enjoy being weightless. Try a ‘Discover Scuba Diving‘ experience and see for yourself what scuba diving is all about! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to find out but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, “Discover Scuba Diving,” taught by Master Scuba Instructor Frank Morrow and Divemaster Jean Stump at A Water Odyssey Scuba, will let you try scuba to see if you like it.
Knowledge development: Breathing rules and equalization techniques, Equipment purpose and use, Hand signals, Regulator and mask clearing techniques, Respect for aquatic life (if appropriate), Importance of watching and staying close to instructor, Limitations of the program and value of further training.
Skills development: Breathing underwater, Regulator clearing, Regulator recovery, Mask clearing, Equalization techniques, Inflate and deflate a BCD at the surface
Equipment provided: Scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, regulator and submersible pressure gauge, mask, snorkel.  (Science and Sports/Grades 7-9 grade (12 years and up, Period 2. PADI waivers required. *Requires an additional $50 fee for equipment rental.)


Entering or in grades 9-12 (full day course)

Digital Nomads – In this class, high school students will learn how to design their own portfolio website that can function as either a digital resume or a website on a topic they’re passionate about. By tapping into their creativity, students will learn how to find their purpose – is this topic they love something they can turn into a future career? And if so, is it possible to create a nomadic lifestyle, living and working from a place they love? This class is an eclectic mix of technology and zen, where mobile phones and computers are tools that can be set aside when its time to recharge the soul. The instructor is experienced in communications and social media, as well as yoga and mindful meditation. Knowledge is power, and in this class, students will learn how to de-stress and let go of biases and anxiety, and how to recognize the signs of cyber bullying and handle it when it happens. Students taking this class will walk away with a year’s subscription for a web hosting site, and a domain name, and the video tutorials that teach them how to continue making unique websites. Students will also have access to a list of free digital resources to make their sites dynamic, legal, and visually appealing. After this class, students will be able to list on their college applications/resume that they have experience in social media management, web design, and graphic design – skills that are necessary for some of today’s most lucrative careers.

(Business, Web Design and Marketing/Grades 9-12 – Full Day. *Requires full day enrollment and an additional $100 fee for digital purchases and lunch [a $40 value] in the college cafeteria.)