Lycoming College for Kids & Teens

Dates: July 17-21, 2017

Class Application


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Use this form to sign up for 2017 Lycoming College for Kids & Teens classes. Students attending the full-day program are to be enrolled in two courses: One from Period 1 and one from Period 2.  Students should rank their choices – 1, 2, and 3 – for both Period 1 and Period 2. Courses are chosen based on the grade completed as of June 2016.

Because classes are kept small for more interactions, not everyone may be placed in their first choice.  Please do not choose a class that the student may have attended in a previous year. Cost for full-day $250.00 first child in family, $200.00 for each additional child.  Cost for half-day: $150.00 each child.  Classes with an * require an additional fee. which varies based upon the class and supplies.

Pay with check, cash or credit card (Visa and Master Card accepted with online applications)

If you would rather print and mail your application, call or send an email to:   Lycoming College for Kids 700 College Place, Box 352 Williamsport, PA  17701 Fax:  (570) 321-4073 CFK: (570) 321-4180


Lycoming College
for Kids & Teens 

Director: Robin Van Auken
Asst. Director: Debbie Smith
Coordinator: Darlene Connelly

Lycoming College
700 College Place, Box 152
Williamsport, PA 17701

Robin Van Auken570.321.4239
Debbie Smith570.321.4180
FAX: 570.321.4073


ROBIN VAN AUKEN: 570-916-0026

DEBBIE SMITH: 570-447-6446

CFK  DATES: July 17-21, 2017



Lycoming College for Kids Click to Pay

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